Hypnobirthing Explained


“Hypnosis, not asleep, not unconscious, simply a very useful, gentle relaxed trance state where you can feel more comfortable and in control”

Hypnobirthing & Hypnosis for Birth

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So how does Hypnobirthing work?   Everybody naturally enters a hypnotic state several times a day.  It’s a normal, natural state of being that you probably don’t even notice is happening; it just does.

At the same time, women who have given birth often report that they lost all sense of time and place.  Hours could have been minutes and minutes could have been seconds as they entered their own world.  This, right here, this birthing trance is also a natural and extremely useful response.

So imagine the immense potential you will have when you master self-hypnosis, practising regularly to optimise this already innate skill in preparation for the birth to your baby.


Childbirth – Isn’t it normal to feel a little bit apprehensive?

Yes, it’s normal, and it’s no secret that many women believe that childbirth is something to be feared; our culture has drip fed this belief to us, often without us even realising it until now. 

Now fear can be a useful response in some situations to keep us safe...  however it not a useful emotion when it comes to giving birth.

Fear creates tension which, in turn, can increase the intensity of perceived pain or discomfort.  The resulting intensity can then add to multiply the feeling of fear and so on in an unhelpful loop.  Additionally, hormones released when a person feels fear are likely to disrupt and often stop the essential flow of birthing hormones.  This often results in a stalled or slow labour.

Imagine a pregnant mammal in nature...

Instincts tell her to find a safe place to birth her babies, so she finds a sheltered and hidden place where she and her offspring can be safe.  Now, imagine that well into birthing, she senses danger from a predator... both her life and the lives of her children may be a risk.  In response, her body produces adrenaline.  This prevents her birthing hormones from flowing and birthing stops until she, once again, feels safe.  She can finally give birth to her young.

Hypnobirthing for Freedom from Fear

Now, you may not be at risk of a prowling predator, but it’s easy to see how it’s important to address any of the non-helpful views, ideas and fears surrounding birth that have been absorbed and replace these with accounts of more positive birth experiences.

Hypnobirthing provides you with the opportunity to identify and work through any fears you may have.  Additionally,  you will gain a level of knowledge of how your mind and birthing body work together effortlessly to birth your baby.  With your new understanding comes trust...  complete trust that your body is perfectly designed and knows exactly how to do this, with no conscious thought or effort required.

Hypnobirthing Explained - to summarise...

Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation provides you with the knowledge to trust your body, the freedom from non-useful fears and the ability to harness the power of self-hypnosis to fully support your birthing experience – making it more likely that you will have the birth you desire.


Based in the North East, Ruth delivers private bespoke hypnobirthing in the comfort of your own home.  Gateshead, Durham, Newcastle, Morpeth, Hexham and the surrounding areas are all well within easy reach.

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