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Planning & starting a family is likely to be one of the most significant and memorable times of your family’s entire life, and a time which should be looked back on with warmth, love, joy and excitement.  Unfortunately though, for some families, this is not always the case.

You may be reading this and have a recollection of a specific event or memory which you found 'difficult' but you wouldn't necessarily label as 'traumatic'.  The thing here is that the word 'trauma' is exactly that.  It's just a word and only a label.

The most important thing to ask yourself is 'does this memory still affect me now?'


  • Do I experience a strong emotional response whenever I recall that memory now?
  • Do my feelings around that memory negatively influence behaviours & decisions I am making in the now?
  • What would be different if I no longer experienced those difficult emotions associated with that memory?


Considering your answers to these questions may well give you a good insight into whether resolving difficult feelings around a past memory might be useful for you.

Trauma explained

Trauma - challenging word isn’t it - and just a label that we may all translate in different ways.  But whether we label it 'trauma' or 'difficult memory', it's not something anyone wishes to experience in any form.   Yet its arrival is often unexpected following one or more particularly traumatic or difficult experiences.

The term ‘fight or flight’ is a very familiar one - evolution has blessed us with this response for the purposes of our own self-preservation.  It’s worked remarkably well, our species is still thriving.

However, when a traumatic experience occurs, sometimes its memory remains vivid and new, resulting in a heightened ‘fight or flight’ state.  The amygdala, the part of the brain continuously on the lookout for danger becomes permanently hyper vigilant and over protective leading to that old memory still affecting our perceptions and behaviours in the now.

Symptoms can often include feelings of anxiety, hyper-vigilance, trouble sleeping, flashbacks, emotional distress and irritability. 

Whether you are on a fertility journey, currently pregnant or have decided that your family is now complete, it is important to find healing and a place of peace.

Consultations with me – what to expect

Your sessions with me aim to enable you to still recall what is likely to be an important time, whilst still being able to experience these memories without the associated negative emotional response you have encountered up until now.

You absolutely will not be expected to go into detail about your experience if you don't wish to.   Retelling a story can sometimes mean re-accessing it and unnecessarily reliving the experience on some level, however, if it is useful for you to tell your story, this is encouraged too.

During your consultation with me, we will utilise a range of therapeutic techniques proven to gently lift negative emotions associated with a difficult memory, therefore enabling you to be able to transform your response to it in the now.

When used with skillful flexibility, the following techniques, in my experience, are a powerful combination to rapidly deliver the best results for you.

A trauma resolution Newcastle single consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes with many of my clients noticing significant shifts following the first session.  Sometimes up to three sessions are required depending upon your individual needs and this can be discussed in your first session with me.



Birth Trauma

Nobody wants to have a difficult birth.  During pregnancy you may have imagined how your birth might unfold...and it may have turned out that your imaginings were nothing like the actual events.  And why would they be?

The gulf between expectation and actual events can often play a major role in the development of birth trauma.  Significant contributing factors to birth trauma often include the following:

  • Incidence of emergency interventions.
  • Feelings of intense fear during labour or pregnancy.
  • An arduous labour in terms of length and intensity.
  • Not feeling listened to or consulted or feeling loss of control or humiliation during labour or pregnancy.
  • The event of a distressing birth outcome.

However, even a perceived ’normal’ birth can potentially be traumatic if this is your experience inside.  And if this is your experience, it is a valid one.   You are your own expert and just by taking the time to listen to your needs you will know yourself if there is something about your birthing experience that you can benefit from clearing.

Preparing for another baby

I once worked with a client who, upon nearing her birthing date, suddenly and unexpectedly began to experience flashbacks and anxiety whenever she returned to the place where her previous traumatic birth had taken place. 

Well meaning friends provided her with advice to ‘think positive’ and ‘keep listening to your hypnobirthing tracks’.   These things are immensely useful and important...  yet during labour, no amount of birth preparation, breathing techniques practise or self hypnosis will be fully effective whilst your amygdala is still pointing towards your last birth and telling you you’re not safe.

Resolving previous birth trauma in preparation for another birth is essential, and this is one of the reasons I have developed a selection of bespoke hypnobirthing packages.  Packages include private birth preparation classes, birth trauma resolution and emotional clearing therapies so that you can fully and confidently prepare for your different experience this time.

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I work from my base which borders Tyne & Wear, Northumberland & County Durham.  Birth trauma Resolution Newcastle services are available throughout Hexham, Morpeth, Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead and the surrounding areas.