About Me

Ruth Olayinka

BA Hons, NLP Prac, D Hyp, GQHP, GHR Reg. 

Newcastle Hypnotherapist & Bespoke Hypnobirthing practitioner.

Becoming a hypnotherapist, for me, was quite unexpected. You know when you meet someone new, and at the same time you feel you know them already - and as you begin to get to know them more you feel like you’ve known them all your life?  Well, that was a little bit like it was with me and hypnotherapy.

Before this, my profession as a Freelance Theatre Practitioner involved scriptwriting, facilitating theatre workshops, storytelling, directing theatre, producing large and small scale performances and everything in between.

My work absorbed and excited me and, importantly, I felt like I was genuinely making a difference.  In 2011, when changing economic conditions meant that this career was no longer feasible, I looked towards a new role which can fulfil my same desire to ‘genuinely make a difference’.

My new direction saw me qualify as an NLP Practitioner and, around the same time, I personally quit a long term 20 a day smoking habit with the help of NLP and Hypnotherapy.  Boom!  One 90 minute session transformed me from hardened smoker to someone who used to smoke.  I’ve not had one cigarette since  – not one. The truth is, I’d lost count of the number of times I’d attempted to quit in the past, and yet NLP and hypnotherapy epically succeeded where all other methods had failed.

My belief in NLP and hypnotherapy as a means of powerful change sky rocketed

I pushed forward in my training goals and achieved my Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Diplomas in 2012.  More recently, I attended EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMI (Eye Movement Integration) and Hypnobirthing Practitioner training to further inform my work, especially my Hypnotherapy for Birth package.  

Newcastle Hypnotherapist, Fertility, Birth Trauma & Birth Preparation Specialist.

I specialise in supporting fertility and working with women throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.   As a birthing mother who used hypnotherapy techniques in preparation for my remarkable birth experience with my own daughter, my interest in Hypnobirthing peaked.  I set off on my own learning journey to find even better ways for birthing mothers to achieve their optimum experience of giving birth.  Throughout my journey to develop my knowledge, skills and experience in this field, one truth became glaringly obvious to me; one very simple and seemingly obvious fact... that hypnobirthing must be bespoke and individualised for every birthing mother.  As I began to work with more and more pregnant women, it became clear that there are many for who it is important to heal a previous birth experience, and it was from here that my additional specialism in resolving birth trauma developed and grew.

And, regardless of my 15 years background in theatre, I absolutely do not read from scripts.  Instead, I work intuitively, responding to my clients’ responses, combining my skills and utilising my background in theatre as a major influence.  Storytelling, improvisation, creativity and playfulness (yes, playfulness), I’ve learned, are all valuable skills in any hypnotherapists toolbox and are essential for me to help my clients to make significant shifts.

I continue to remain open to new learning and skills development.  Being a Hypnotherapist fully absorbs and excites me whilst, at the same time, fulfilling a desire to ‘genuinely make a difference’.

Ruth is an inspired, highly professional and competent hypnotherapist and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  More than this she is an empathic and gifted communicator.

Ghislaine Young

General Hypnotherapy Register - Newcastle Hypnotherapist

Ruth Olayinka is a Newcastle Hypnotherapist specialising in Fertility Support, Bespoke Hypnobirthing and Birth Trauma Recovery covering Newcastle Gateshead, Durham, Hexham, Morpeth, and the surrounding areas.