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When Conception is a Journey

A fertility journey can be a consuming one both emotionally and physically.  Numerous medical investigations may or may not always provide answers, and either way this has the potential to create further worry and stress.  And for those who choose IVF, this can be an emotional journey in and of itself. 

People often describe their journey to conceive as an obsession.  Of course it is - and why wouldn't it be?  It is a journey which is underpinned by a deep biological yearning to be a parent – no more needs to be said.

Hypnotherapy is a flexible therapy which has full potential to support your fertility in a variety of ways. 

How can Fertility Hypnotherapy Newcastle Support my Fertility Journey?

Fertility Hypnotherapy to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

I’ve already discussed the huge potential for stress and anxiety when conception is taking longer than expected or medical intervention is involved.  The attachment to the outcome of becoming a parent is enormous, and so it is normal to feel such a response, however, finding ways to manage this stress can be hugely beneficial.

Studies have shown that stress can actually have a detrimental effect on a couples chances of conception.  The exact reasons why stress and anxiety affect fertility so much are still unclear – it could be an evolutionary response, stress could affect the balance of hormones in the body or a number of cumulative effects as a result of stress within the body.

Whatever the cause, it is important that stress and anxiety levels are managed and decreased to improve your chances of achieving pregnancy and fertility hypnotherapy support can help you to achieve this at a deeper unconscious level.


Fertility Hypnotherapy to Change Behaviours which Reduce the Chances of Conception.

Some behaviours and lifestyle choices can greatly affect chances of conception.  Some examples include food choices/diet, tobacco use, alcohol or even the regularity (or irregularity) of sex for whatever reason. 

Now, I say lifestyle choices, but if a person is continuing with a behaviour which they consciously know is impeding their ability achieve something they desire with their entire being - to have a baby - then that behaviour isn’t really a choice after all is it. 

The chances are that this behaviour is rooted in something deeper and needs some unconscious processing in order to be unravelled, dissolved and replaced with new and more useful behaviours.   Fertility hypnotherapy support is a useful tool for rewiring behaviours that we haven’t been able to change with conscious effort alone, and engaging new and useful behaviours to support you on your fertility journey.


...it is important that stress and anxiety levels are managed and decreased to improve your chances of achieving pregnancy...

Fertility Hypnotherapy to Develop Mind/Body Communication

Well, I say the mind/body relationship, but actuality it is all part of the same system.  Our unconscious processes mean that our heart beats, our temperature is maintained and our breathing regulates itself without a single conscious thought from you.

It is this same unconscious system which regulates our fertility cycles, balances our hormones and prepares our bodies for potential conception.

During hypnotherapy, it is possible to tap into these unconscious processes, to have a gentle word with our unconscious.  To thank it for everything it has done so far and, at the same time, make suggestions for new and more useful behaviours it can adopt.  In terms of fertility for example, this can relate to hormonal balance in the body, the healthy thickening of the lining of the uterus in readiness for successful implantation or the regulation of fertility cycles.

In terms of hypnotherapy, this concept is nothing new.  Hypnosis has been proven to reduce the sensation of pain, ease muscular spasms, strengthen immunity, reduce histamine reactions and is also used to increase essential hormones for birthing mothers.  These are all very physical things and the premise of these same techniques can be harnessed to develop the best environment possible for you in which pregnancy can occur.

Fertility Hypnotherapy to Eliminate Fears & Phobias

In the same way that stress and anxiety can be major contributing factors when it comes to fertility, fears can also have the same effect.  One specific fear is ‘tokophobia’ –the fear of pregnancy and, specifically, birth.  Of course any fears, whether to do with pregnancy, birth or parenthood... these reside in our unconscious and have the potential to reduce chances of conception.

You see, your unconscious mind, and the physical processes it takes care of, are constantly working towards what it thinks is best for you.  So imagine this - A woman may feel deeply that a part of her wants to have a baby. At the same time, another part of her is holding onto a deep fear which could become a reality if a pregnancy was achieved.  However, once a fear or phobia has been resolved, there is no longer conflict, therefore clearing the emotional field for greater fertility success.


 What to Expect - Fertility  Hypnotherapy Newcastle Sessions

I use the term Hypnotherapy quite broadly when I explain the way I work, and it is accurate to say that the majority of any change work I facilitate uses hypnosis as a key technique.  I feel it is also important to have the flexibility of different techniques in order to create the most flexibility for you to make powerful and lasting changes.  The techniques I use are:

A single treatment lasts approximately 90 minutes and costs £65, a discount on this can be negotiated with bookings of 3 or more sessions.

I run a clinic from 'Jesmond Natural Health & Fertility' every Friday, however, if you require a different appointment time, I also see clients from my base which borders Northumberland, Tyne and Wear & County Durham.

It’s important that you feel I’m the right person to help support you though your fertility journey and that you have the chance to ask me any questions, talk over your specific needs and get some guidance on the right approach for you.  A short 15 minute initial telephone conversation is usually more than enough and, of course, there is no obligation to book – after all, you are not only investing in yourself, but in your future it’s important that you get this right.


Fertility Hypnotherapy Newcastle Support is available in Tyne & Wear, Northumberland & County Durham including Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead, Hexham, Morpeth and the surrounding areas.