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"Thank you Ruth. Your warm, welcoming and inspiring manner really open people up to learning. I gained so much from the training days. Thank you."

Jay Kelly – Hypnotherapist & Doula


A two day experiential CPD workshop for birth professionals who want to facilitate your clients to resolve difficult feelings around a natal experience they describe as traumatic.

Facilitated by Ruth Olayinka.

... as trainees we were also given the opportunity to clear traumas / fears / phobias and I wasn't expecting the results to be so quickly implemented and life changing...freedom and joy was abundant and blossoming in front of our eyes in the training room!

Katy Williams – Birth Professional

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"Ruth was very warm and helpful not to mention a font of both knowledge and positivity. I would not hesitate to do more training with her."

Beth Slater – Birth Professional


Essential Hypnosis Skills for Hypnobirthing Practitioners & all Birth Professionals

West Yorks. - Thursday 1th & Friday 12th June 2020

North London - Tuesday 30th June & Wednesday 1st July 2020


" I really would recommend anyone who is teaching hypnobirthing to book, it was invaluable and provided lots of missing links for me since my initial hypnobirthing training".

Charlotte Keyworth - Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Midwife.

A Two Day Experiential Workshop for Hypnobirthing Practitioners/Birth Professionals - Facilitated by Ruth Olayinka & Nigel Hetherington.

It seems to me that there is still an air of mysticism in peoples views surrounding hypnosis, and I don't just mean the notion of 'mind control' or 'dancing like a chicken' for entertainment purposes perpetuated by media to the general public.  Nope.  I'm actually referring to many birth professionals who already use or are in contact with hypnosis on a regular basis.

You may already be a very competent Hypnobirthing Practitioners who has, as part of your training, already undertaken a short module in hypnosis - perhaps there has, up until now, been an expectation that for the hypnosis aspect of your course delivery, you rely solely on reading scripts which have been written or recorded by other people.   Or perhaps you are another kind of birth professional  who would love to be able to harness the power of hypnosis and NLP to rapidly and easily facilitate positive change for your clients.

This course aims to demystify 'hypnosis' for all birth professionals and provide you with the tools to continue doing what you already do excellently, yet with additional skills/competence/confidence whilst (especially for hypnobirthing teachers) moving towards more independence in the way you work with your clients.

By the end of this course you will have gained deeper insight and proficiency in:

Script structure / hypnotic language / writing scripts / moving away from scripts / delivery & tonality / hypnotic inductions / self-hypnosis / hypnotic processes / anchoring / re-framing / metaphor.  

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A Two Day Experiential Workshop for Therapists and Change Workers facilitated by Ruth Olayinka & Nigel Hetherington (Communicating Excellence).

This practical, transformative and ‘out of your comfort zone’ workshop is designed to facilitate you to rediscover your authentic  storyteller within, to spontaneously create adaptive metaphor, to develop a greater sense of fun and connection and develop more flexibility in helping your clients to make the greatest and most profound shifts possible.

So, the next time you are face to face with your client and about to embark on a remarkable piece of change work, won't it be wonderful to not only easily and spontaneously allow your story to flow, but to be able to mold it into an artful piece of change work which fits your client and their desired outcomes like a glove?  Find out more...