Spontaneity in Storytelling and Metaphor

Spontaneity in Storytelling and Metaphor

A Two Day Experiential Workshop for Therapists and Change Workers

 Out walking and talking one crisp autumn day, I recounted in conversation the sequence of events that led to me moving to the place I live – a place where I feel very content.

“This happened, and then that happened and it all fell into place and everything happens for a reason.”

Nigel looked at me “Do you really believe that?”


“That everything happens for a reason...?”

On reflection, no I'm not so sure I do.  I am, in actuality, more inclined to believe that our outcomes are a healthy mix of chance, serendipity and focus on attainable outcome – but, of course, this course isn’t really about that.

This course is about developing spontaneous and authentic storytelling with purpose.


The important thing here is that I had recounted a story.  My story.  Just one of hundreds of stories I construct daily and which occur from my perspective alone.

And the wonderful thing is we are all natural storymakers.  We construct our stories unconsciously, naturally and with purpose.  Our stories run through us like seams of coal running through the ground beneath – an intrinsic part of our internal landscape.

Recall now, too, that last unusual, odd, vivid or crazy dream that you had.  The one that you woke up right in the middle of and you wore the tails of its disjointed essence for a few waking hours?  Our stories continue to emerge naturally, and with purpose, even as we sleep.

You are already an expert storyteller inside.


So what is it, when you are face to face with your client and about to embark on a remarkable piece of change work... what is it that changes?   Why are your useful stories, the ones with real purpose and useful metaphor, why are they so elusive?

How do they get stuck?

Where are they hiding?

What causes your expert storytelling mind to suddenly draw a blank?

Whether you are framing or using metaphor within trance – wouldn't it be wonderful to not only easily and spontaneously allow your story to flow, but to be able to mold it into an artful piece of change work which fits your client and their desired outcomes like a glove?

This practical, transformative and ‘out of your comfort zone’ workshop is designed to facilitate you to rediscover your authentic  storyteller within, to spontaneously create adaptive metaphor, to develop a greater sense of fun and connection and develop more flexibility in helping your clients to make the greatest and most profound shifts possible.

Facilitated by Nigel Hetherington (Communicating Excellence) and myself, we combine my 20 years experience in theatre, storytelling and improvisation with Nigel’s expert instinct for finding stories in the everyday & using this as a stage for therapeutic change.  This 2 day course is a wholly transformative workshop experience where participants can develop greatly increased playfulness, storytelling and self confidence with a real and honest participation in self directed, meaningful personal evolution.

HERE is where you ditch that old comfort zone like an old pair of smelly socks. 

THIS is guaranteed to be fun!


“Well paced and just felt so comfortable, even when out of my comfort zone”

“Fun, enjoyable, relaxing, energising”

“The most creative, positive and fun weekend – Thank you”

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Please note booking is absolutely essential. Places are limited to 12 max.