Partner Services

Jesmond Natural Health & Fertility.

This wonderfully nurturing venue is where I hold my clinic.    Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility is a complementary health centre offering acupuncture,  chinese herbs,  massage, reflexology, shiatsu, yoga, reiki, indian head massage, nutrition and clinical hypnotherapy.


Newcastle Pregnancy & Baby Centre.

Newcastle Pregnancy & Baby Centre is a collective of highly skilled and experienced practitioners who offer a vast range of services for pregnancy, birth and the early days.  Services include pregnancy classes, baby classes and post natal classes alongside a wide selection of complementary therapies.

Positively Pregnant - Jess Ord

I partner with Jess to offer our Hypnosis for Birth package specifically for natal trauma and phobias.  Jess is a wildly passionate antenatal educator whose private and group hypnobirthing courses are  in depth, bespoke and have a wonderfully personal touch.

Communicating Excellence - Nigel Hetherington

Nigel  is a consultant hypnotherapist  practising in the North East and also trains practitioners in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Nigel and I collaborate to deliver several training courses for therapists and birth professionals including 'Essential Skills in Hypnosis for Birth Professionals' and 'Improvisation for Therapists'.

Antenatal Training UK

Antenatal Training UK provides comprehensive training for  practitioners in antenatal education, hypnobirthing,  mental health, LGBT, newborn health and marketing.     I deliver the hypnobirthing aspect of their broad range of qualifications.

Birthing Awareness Training

I deliver the Birthing Awareness Training 3-Step Rewind  Practitioner Training for  for birth professionals  throughout the North of England.  This practitioner training enables birth professionals to work with their clients to resolve any lasting symptoms of previous difficult perinatal experiences.


Ruth Willis Natural Birth & Womens Health.

Ruth is a Mizan Therapist, birth and post natal doula, and placenta specialist - We often work together with clients to holistically nurture mind, body and soul.  Highly recomended, Ruth's services are second to none.

Birthing4Blokes Online Course

I now provide all hypnobirthing couples with the option of FREE access to this essential course (usually £97 with individual sign up).  Designed & delivered by Midwife & Author of 'Men, Love & Birth', Mark Harris, this is the perfect accompaniment for Dad's in addition to all the Hypnobirthing course content you cover with me.