Benefits of Hypnobirthing


Hypnobirthing Benefits - You feel confident, empowered and prepared

Hypnobirthing benefits are vast.  It’s surprising the number of women who do little or no preparation for birth. We live in a culture of information overload.  Unfortunately, that information is not always useful, accurate or helpful. 

Whether it’s through television, films, magazines or even well meaning acquaintances with a story to tell, paying attention to difficult birth stories is not useful to any expectant mother.  The difficult and dramatic birth stories seem prominent in our culture for a reason, because they sell things, because people can’t be bothered to challenge the stereotype or people simply need to get them heard for their own catharsis.  

So it’s unsurprising isn’t it that many women hold the view that birth is something to be feared, after all, we have been unconsciously conditioned throughout our lives to expect the worst.  Unfortunately, for those women who have done no preparation for birth, these expectations are their only template.  It’s here that the ‘law of attraction’ often comes into play in a less than useful way.

Fortunately, it is entirely possible for any woman to change & modify what her unconscious mind absorbs and pays attention to.   By understanding how your body is perfectly designed for birth, through to using therapeutic techniques to release fear, hypnobirthing benefits you to ensure that you feel empowered, confident and prepared.  Most importantly, you will look forward to the birth of your baby.

A calmer and more positive birth

Studies have shown that mothers who prepare using hypnobirthing are:

  • More likely to have a shorter labour

  • Less likely to require pain relief

  • Less likely to have any kind of intervention

  • Less likely to suffer from post-natal depression

Of course, just as in all aspects of life, sometimes things go a different way to how we originally envisioned them. For hypnobirthing women who find this to be true for them, their preparation provides the flexibility to quickly accept and adapt to any direction your birthing takes.  I personally know several women who birthed differently to how they had originally imagined.  Yet, as a result of their hypnobirthing preparation they recall their experience as positive and empowering.

Hypnobirthing Benefits

Calmer and more content babies

Picture this... your baby growing inside.  A warm and comforting place where night and day is discernibly filtered through your supportive skin.  A continual floating sensation and occasional stretching out to explore surroundings.  A noisy place where muffled sounds and vibrations are comfortingly familiar and when sleep arrives, so does dreaming.  Of what?  It’s hard to imagine. 

All basic needs are fully met as you and your baby share this one system.  Whatever you ingest, so does baby; whatever your emotional state, baby is influenced by the ensuing hormones and energies - positive or negative.

It’s easy to relate to the sensations of a ‘surge of adrenaline’ or ‘endorphine rush’.  Our emotional state has the ability to significantly change our bodies experience and the same is true for a system which is shared. 

Just as it’s important to focus on the right nutrition and appropriate physical activity, it is also as important to ensure that you take time to feel good, to relax, feel grounded and find stillness throughout your pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing benefits you a great deal as it not only teaches you techniques on how to obtain these beneficial states more easily, it also provides a purpose, structure and the resources for you to practise these on a daily basis;  in itself, this level of preparation has the potential to change your responses in all other aspects of your life as well.

All this, when coupled with the likelihood of a calmer journey from womb to mothers chest, further supports a sense of calm and content in babies who have been born using hynobirthing.  Hypnobirthing benefits babies and studies have shown this to be the case.

Birth partners feel fully involved

Often, birth partners feel unprepared for birth, unsure of how best to support the birthing mother and sometimes left with the feeling of having no influence or control.

During your hypnobirthing classes, you will work together to learn, develop and practise techniques unique to you which can be used to support you during birthing.  The result is that you feel completely supported.  Your birth partner is enabled to become and feel fully involved and the birth of your baby becomes something you truly experienced together.