Hypnobirthing – Hypnosis for Birth Preparation


Resolving Phobias, Natal Anxiety, Perinatal, Fertility and Related Trauma.

Just Imagine...



...in the  knowledge that you are  fully supported by TWO registered Clinical Hypnotherapists who are passionate Hypnobirthing Practitioners and have extensive experience of working  with clients through natal  trauma, anxiety and phobias.



...as every part of your course, practise and preparation is being tailored specifically for your personal life circumstances, needs, perceptions and inner landscape?



...now you have  fully personalised  support for both you and your birth partner, including a hypnobirthing course tailored for you,  several 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions and  your own bespoke hypnobirthing track  to further deepen your practise and preparation.




Hypnobirthing - Why we do things Differently

Before becoming a  hypnobirthing practitioner,  I did a few hypnosis sessions with some of my  pregnant friends to help them prepare for birth.   It  came as no surprise for me  that, having had previous difficult natal experiences ,   all of them required more than   a traditional hypnobirthing  course.

 ...a person can build the most wonderful sanctuary, but if this retreat doesn't have a solid or even foundation in place, then the very fabric would be less likely to feel secure...

So when it comes to birth preparation it makes sense that  if a person has deeper fears or concerns around pregnancy and birth, then the foundation would require some levelling .    A standard hypnobirthing course on it's own is unlikely to fully address the underlying cause of discomfort.  Not addressing the  issue would inevitably  undermine much of the effort put in.

It  may be that you are reading this and feel that you  already have a well formed foundation on which to develop your hypnobirthing techniques.    If this is you then  this is good news, and I recommend many excellent local hypnobirthing practitioners  HERE:

However, if a part of you knows that there are deeper things to be worked with such as previous difficult experiences, fears or anxieties, then read on and get in touch for an informal  chat.

Together  we can find your way towards the best birth preparation foundation for  you.


Hypnobirthing Newcastle

Meet your Birth Preparation Team

Ruth Olayinka

BA Hons, NLP Prac, D Hyp, GQHP, GHR Reg.

Becoming a mother herself shifted Ruths'  Clinical Hypnotherapy practise in a completely new direction.    As she  developed her specialism into fertility, maternity and post-natal services for families,   it became clear that her  experience and desire  to support families with more complex emotional needs during birth preparation was the natural direction for her.   Ruth will work closely with you  to resolve  any anxieties, dissolve any fears and create the foundation for your best internal landscape  as you prepare to meet your baby.

Jessica Ord

 MA, BA Hons, D Hyp, CBT dip, Aromatherapy dip.

2 years after training with a leading Hypnobirthing company, Jessica decided that she had a huge amount more she wanted to share with women and their birthing partners, and so founded her very own empowering, evidence based Hypnobirthing workshop. In a world which encourages women to fear, doubt & distrust their own bodies, Jessica encourages you to take back your innate wisdom, follow your intuition and learn about the very real and tangible ways we can create a loving, gentle and confident birth experience together.

What's Included?

  • 1:1 Hypnotherapy Sessions  with Ruth to resolve previous phobias, anxiety or trauma. 
  • Comprehensive  6 hour  (3 hours for refresher courses) Hypnobirthing  and Antenatal Course  connecting with Jess  either online or in person from the comfort of your home.
  • 90 minute in person session with with Ruth for you and your birth partner to fully   develop and embed  additional hypnobirthing techniques.
  • Optional 1:1 Hypnotherapy Fear Release Session  with Ruth (from week 34 of pregnancy).
  • Optional recording of  your own bespoke hypnobirthing track   to further deepen your practise and preparation.
  • 15 x  hypnobirthing MP3's lovingly created and recorded by Ruth and Jess for you to download.
  • A digital hypnobirthing  pack to support your learning  which includes your course material in written format,  birth affirmations,   evidence based birth articles, and more...
  • In addition to  your digital pack,  you will also receive a physical posted pack enhance and support your  Hypnobirthing journey.
  • Continuing telephone support  from both Ruth & Jess right up to the birth of your baby.


We will work together to ensure that your course is fully tailored to meet your needs and budget:


 from £220 - £450


Payment plans available.



A Little more Detail - So you can Make sure that we are the Right Fit for you.

We want to work with you to help you to develop all the right techniques, and  resolve the things that were keeping you afraid, tense , anxious or whatever discomfort has meant that you are  here deciding how much this course fits right for you.

Jess will facilitate you and your birth partner through your own  bespoke   hypnobirthing course.    You can meet Jess online from the comfort of your own home where she will spend 6 hours over 2 sessions (or one  3 hour session  for refresher courses) making sure you're confident with everything from learning hypnobirthing techniques  to minimise sensations of pain to knowing your birth choices and creating your ideal birth plan.

Ruth will spend up to 4.5 hours over 2 or 3 sessions (or 3 hours over 2 sessions) working with you in person  at her  clinic in Jesmond 'Jesmond Natural Health & Fertility'.   1:1 sessions will work towards really clearing your foundation  on which you can build your hypnobirthing practise and knowledge.

  • Session one with Ruth is an opportunity to resolve any anxieties around birth or previous experiences which were, up until now, keeping you in a place of discomfort.
  • In your second  with Ruth, for both you and your birth partner will develop some useful anchors to  essential birth hormones and to really deepen all the hypnobirthing practise you've been  learning with Jess.
  • Session three  (optional) with Ruth is to resolve any remaining fears and you'll receive a bespoke track from this session which you can continue to listen to throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.    This is an optional session if you feel you're still in need of support.


I did hypnotherapy with Ruth last August.  I had previously had a scary birth with my son and I wanted a different experience with my second.  With Ruth's assistance, I had a perfect water birth at home with no pain relief and my little girl was born with the waters still intact.  I can’t thank Ruth enough.

H Gillespie

 Bespoke Hypnobirthing Newcastle - Clinical Hypnotherapy, Birth Preparation, resolving Birth Trauma, Hypnosis Fertility Specialism   with registered hypnotherapist  Ruth Olayinka.  

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