Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

Please read this fully prior to your planned hypnotherapy session

It is important to me that my return to in person sessions with you is safe for everyone, after all, hypnotherapy should take place ideally in an environment of comfort, relaxation and calm.   

I have taken into account current guidelines and have put the following adjustments in place:

Outdoor Sessions

As the evidence shows that the spread of Covid-19 is significantly reduced in an outdoor environment, I have decided to offer in person sessions which take place in private, quiet outdoor locations of your choosing. We could meet in:

  • Your garden or yard.
  • My garden (overhead sheltered from potential showers)
  • A specific place in nature of your choosing (ie: parkland, woodland or beach) weather depending.

I am not currently offering in-person sessions in an indoor/clinic environment.


Social Distancing

2 metre distance will be maintained. Occasionally, however, if it is more appropriate to be at a distance of 1 metre plus (for example, for Eye Movement Integration therapy), I will, after gaining your consent, wear appropriate PPE in the form of a face visor and face mask/covering and ask you to also wear your own face covering.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms prior to your scheduled appointment, please DO NOT ATTEND. We can re-schedule your appointment and there won’t be any charge or cancellation fee.

  • A high temperature.
  • A new continuous cough.
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  • Shortness of  breath or tight feeling in the chest.

Hygiene and Sanitisation

Hand sanitiser (min 70% alcohol) will be available for both my own and your use. If you wish to bring your own personal hand sanitiser, please do so.

 No cash or card payments will be taken. I will issue an invoice at the end of your session which you can then pay online.

Please   bring your own personal blankets or cushions to our session.

Please bring your own drink or water bottle to your appointment.

If you are attending your outdoor session in my garden, all surfaces will be sanitised before and after your session. Should you need to use the toilet facilities, this too will be sanitised both before and after.    Clean towels will also be available for hand drying.


Remote Sessions

Remote sessions via ZOOM continue to be available if you are still not yet feeling ready for in person sessions. I will need a backup way of contacting you in any event of loss of internet connection.