Resolving Natal and Birth Trauma IS SIMPLE - But Simply not enough People know it Yet.

Birth Trauma Newcastle

“I can’t believe it was so quick.  Only three hours to feel so different… if only I’d know this 2 years ago, that it could be so easy.”

This is one variation of the same statement I hear often.  It usually happens in follow up calls with clients who contacted me to resolve their feelings around a difficult or traumatic perinatal experience.   And the variation of time frame differs wildly…

“If only I’d known about this TWO or FOUR or TEN or TWENTY or 50 years ago" …  Experiences like this can affect us for a very long time.

Imagine this…

Years of anxiety, hypervigilance, trouble sleeping, irritability, strain on relationships, decisions dictated by the past… the decision to grow (or not grow) your family, to be pregnant again, to give birth again.   Many people will not have more children as a direct result of their past experience.   As human beings we don’t generally do things a second time if the first time we did it still causes us waking nightmares.

There are primitive survival parts of our neurology at play here, and in this instance,  they're  not being useful.

So when a woman first contacts me and we have our initial phone conversation; when she tells me that she’s been living with these symptoms for even a month… this feels like too long (especially when we consider the additional shift in identity, adjustments and exhaustion which comes with  new parenthood).

When a woman tells me she has been carrying this for TWO, FOUR, TEN, TWENTY or FIFTY years, I can’t just feel, but I can practically see and hear my heart sink.  And as my heart sinks, so some discomfort and a glimmer of anger rises too.


Why is it that, every week I hear the words “…if only I’d know that it could be so easy to feel better about this (add number of years here) ago.” … yet so few people who are suffering know it yet?   So few find the answer and the conclusion to that suffering?

So, at risk of sounding like a fanatic, I’m shouting it from the rooftops…


There. I said it.  I hear the words come out of my mouth often, and I know every time that I sound a little incredulous.

I am  not one to make false claims of this magnitude.  And yes, I admit to being a bit fanatical.

I’m fanatical because I’ve seen the wonderful difference hundreds of women have found in their lives - a sense of relief, peace and freedom (these are words often used to describe their reclaimed lives beyond the memories of trauma).  I’ve experienced it, I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it and I have felt it fully.

So you see, if there is something about your pregnancy, birth or perinatal period which still affects you and your decision making today.

If you still feel stuck with that old experience.

If you find that, no matter how hard you try, you simply haven’t been able to move on yet…

…please do find the help you need.

Find a 3-Step rewind practitioner and take your first step towards a sense of relief, of peace and of freedom today.


Ruth is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the North East who specialises in fertility, pregnancy and natal trauma.  She offers local appointments within Newcastle and Gateshead and is also remote sessions via ZOOM for her clients who live further afield.

birth trauma newcastle

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