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I know a hypnotherapist who worked a lot with pregnant women.  As part of her work, she recorded some hypnosis tracks to facilitate a calm, confident and flexible pregnancy and birth for her clients.  Now, in order for her to create these tracks with empathy and appropriate perspective, she needed to be visualising a pregnancy - in a nutshell, she stepped into the role of being a pregnant woman through all of her senses... visual, audio, kinesthetic.. etc..

Now, bearing in mind that my colleague had taken a long time to get pregnant in the past I'm wondering if you've guessed what happened?  That's right.  Her unconscious and her body responded and to this new perspective and she quickly became pregnant.  Following maternity leave, she returned to her trance creations - stepping into the mindset of a pregnant woman and guess what, boom - it happened again.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, a common concern I notice for many fertility clients is that visualising a pregnancy can often feel like a profoundly difficult task.  Whether this is a response to not wanting to 'get your hopes up', or it's taking so long that it truly feels like 'it might never happen', there is very good reason to begin to gently facilitate your visualisations of being pregnant.

You see, the unconscious listens intently to what you want.  It learns easily and creates unconscious patterns to help you get what it thinks you want.  But often, these patterns have been laid down quite a while ago and are so entrenched that it takes an unconscious process, rather than a conscious one (like hypnosis) to interrupt.

For example, imagine a career woman who, all of her life has said to herself 'I don't want a baby yet' or 'I'm not ready yet' or 'it's not the right time yet'.  The unconscious listens to all of this and says 'ah, okay, gotcha... no pregnancy then' and sets to work with all it's power (and it IS powerful) to ensure this doesn't happen.

So, when a non-useful pattern like this has been operating for a while, a gentle conversation directly with the unconscious can be an effective way to shift these non-useful patterns.

And whether it is about not getting hopes up, or feeling like it's never going to happen or it's a pattern that's been laid down from a long lived story you've told yourself, the trance below 'Visualising Pregnancy' can benefit you to shift your beliefs and perceptions around unexplained infertility.

Now, I'm not saying all you need to do is visualise and it will happen - I'm not a great investor in the law of attraction as in just imagine it and the universe will bestow you with your gift.  But I am a huge believer in activating parts of your unconscious to help you get what you want... not just what your unconscious thinks you want... and to allow all those non useful beliefs and patterns to unfurl, open out, dissolve and be replaced with something useful so that both your conscious and unconscious mind are fully aligned and reading from the exactly the same page.

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