5 Reasons Why I WON’T Provide Goody Bags for my Hypnobirthing Clients.

Oh dear, reading that title back to myself it does all sound a wee bit scroogingly miserly doesn’t it. 

A few people have mentioned to me that it might be a good idea, a smart business move or a great marketing incentive to offer and advertise goody bags as part of my hypnobirthing course package .  And  it’s not that I haven’t considered it... it’s just that I’ve chosen not to – it simply just doesn’t reflect who I am, what I offer or what I’m about and here are 5 reasons why...


  1. I’ve always seen Goody Bags as a bit of a Marketing Gimmick Really.

Goodie bags are something many, if not most, hypnobirthing courses provide as a part of the package you receive.  But, just like Tesco Clubcard points... just like a free lipstick with a magazine... just like the complementary champagne in your honeymoon suite... YOU ARE STILL PAYING FOR THIS!  It is factored into the price of the course. 

I prefer to keep my course costs down, reasonable and accessible for as many as possible and I won’t mark up a course for what I personally perceive as a ‘bit of a gimmick’.

It is important for me that, instead, I spend my time, energy and resources making sure that your course is bespoke, fully meeting your needs, putting considered thought, time and creativity into producing your bespoke track and fully preparing for your 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions.


  1. I am a Hypnobirthing Teacher, and I’m also a Therapist.

I wonder what my hypnotherapy clients would say if, in their final session, I suddenly presented them with a goody bag.  It would seem a bit odd wouldn’t it and, well let’s face it,  it’s just not a very 'therapisty' thing to do is it?

But with me you don’t just get a course, you participate in therapy and change work as an integral part.  I purposefully place massive emphasis, not only on course content, but on the added value of a therapeutic ‘change work’ aspect for my clients.

Honestly?  I’d rather you left your final session with me not with ‘stuff’, but with the value of knowing that you have been through a change process providing deeper comfort to know you’re fully prepared, in every way, for the arrival of your baby when the time comes.


  1. Every Pregnant Woman Deserves to Feel Special.

If you don’t already feel special, important and utterly pampered by the time you’ve completed your course and 1:1 sessions with me, then I haven’t done my job properly.



  1. Our Environment Needs a Break.

In an age of single use cheap plastic items, I strive, as many ecologically conscious people do, to make sure that the things I buy impact the planet in as little way as possible. 

Okay, yes, it is possible to buy eco-friendly items that impact the planet less – but there’s the cost implication here (ie: YOUR course cost would rise – be factored in – see point 1) and even things made of natural resources have required some polluting energy to either transport or manufacture. 

I personally long for a time when we don’t needlessly produce so much non-essential ‘stuff’.


  1. YOUR Environment will Soon Need a Break.

Shortly after Aisha was born, I recall looking around my living room and realising that it no longer resembled the neat ordered adult space I had once occupied.  Nope, it now looked like someone had raided Mothercare and was using my house to store their black market haul! 

I’ve recently cleared out and given away all our baby stuff and, in doing so, have managed to free up one quarter – yes ONE QUARTER of my loft space. 

If you have a baby, you’re likely to have stuff.  Lots of stuff... trust me, you don’t want more stuff foisted on you in the form of a goody bag whose contents you either neither want nor need.  Save your space... you’re probably going to need it. 🙂



So, if receiving a goody bag as part of your course is of significant importance to you, I might just not be the right practitioner for you. 

But if you truly wish to resolve ALL fears – even the ones lurking that you might not be aware of yet.  If you want to make sure that your internal landscape is absolutely ready with all the personal resources you need for the birth of your baby, then get in touch... and I promise tangible and lasting shifts with not a single goody bag in sight.



Ruth Olayinka is a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in birth preparation, fertility support & resolving birth trauma, working with women and families throughout Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and County Durham.

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