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As a new mum, I recall the massive levels of adjustment and learning required to fulfill and enjoy my new role and, to be honest, a lot of it didn’t feel very enjoyable at first.  In actual fact it was often very hard work and I sometimes felt like I was never going to get some things right.

And nobody can truly prepare a mother for a rollercoaster of exhaustion, exhilaration, expectation and often exasperation which can accompany the arrival of your newborn baby.  Perhaps women with older children forget, perhaps people don’t want to disturb your enjoyment of your idealised view of life with a new baby or perhaps some people just did sail through and found it all very easy.

I didn’t find it easy… and from conversations with other mothers, it appears I’m far from alone in this.

One of the massive learnings of becoming a new mum is establishing and maintaining a healthy breastfeeding relationship with your newborn baby.  Some find it easier than others, many find it an overwhelmingly steep learning curve.

So when a friend of mine suggested I develop a hypnosis audio track to help and support breastfeeding mothers in their own journeys, I immediately understood just how much of a beneficial and powerful resource this could be.

I reached out and spoke to women who had breastfed their babies, I interviewed breastfeeding peer supporters and I examined my own experience to include in this trance a balanced and comprehensive set of messages and suggestions which can help breastfeeding mums to find all their own resources inside.  To relax, to take the time you need and to have confidence that you have totally got this.

Thank you ‘Maya and the Moon’ for your wonderful review of this hypnosis track.

‘Birth Clearing Workshop’ – Blooming Bamboo – Seaham – February 2018.

If you feel that there are aspects about your birth experience that you are struggling with, would like to feel differently about or you know are holding you back from fully enjoying life with your new baby – my next birth clearing workshop is taking place in February 2018 at Blooming Bamboo in Seaham.  Places are very limited so it’s important to get booked early. 

I am a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in Bespoke Hypnobirthing, Resolving Birth Trauma & Hypnotherapy Fertility Support throughout the North East.


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