Scroll down to listen to a sample of a Bespoke Hypnobirthing track.

Hypnobirthing has grown massively in popularity over the last few years.  This could be due, in part, to increasing media coverage of high profile personalities reporting their own successes with hypnobirthing.

To put it simply, hypnobirthing strips back all the non-useful stuff we’ve been told and absorbed about childbirth.  It replaces this with some more useful stuff; knowledge, tools, techniques, self-hypnosis and affirmations.  And once completed, you’ve taken yourself back to a preset state which all pregnant mums deserve... a self-belief in your own birthing body and your innate birthing knowledge - that you instinctively know how to give birth to your baby.

It is breathtakingly fantastic, complex and simple all at the same time.

So imagine now...

What would it be like to gain even more from your hypnobirthing course?

HOW SPECIAL WOULD IT FEEL... have a Bespoke 20 minute hypnosis track recorded and produced specifically with your needs, metaphors and internal landscape in mind?

HOW REASSURING WOULD IT BE... have a 1:1 Fear Release Hypnotherapy Treatment with an experienced registered hypnotherapist?


...from a 1:1 Final Clearing Hypnotherapy session which takes place within the final few weeks before birth?


...knowing that your hypnobirthing teacher is also a registered hypnotherapist – committed to ensuring that every part of your course, practise and preparation is tailored specifically for your personal life circumstances, needs, perceptions and inner landscape?

I believe in a bespoke approach, and this is why I will never read from a generic script or deliver a standard ‘off the peg’ course.   Instead, I work intuitively and flexibly, responding to your needs, concerns and circumstances.  I ensure that you are in an optimum position to feel prepared, fully and completely, for the birth of your baby.

Here I include a 2 minute sample of a bespoke hypnobirthing track I produced for one of my clients.  Several metaphors surfaced during our1:1 Fear Release session, one of which was the idea of ‘a rock needing to be broken down into manageable chunks’.  This excerpt is from near the end of the track so you can imagine that the listener is already in a deep state of hypnosis.  Therefore the language of metaphor is making positive and powerful suggestions which she already recognises as her own.

Bespoke Hypnobithing Track - 2 minute sample.

*Important - Do not listen to this track whilst driving.


Ruth Olayinka is a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in birth preparation, fertility support & resolving birth trauma.   

She works with women and families throughout Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and County Durham including Hexham, Durham, Newcastle, Gateshead, Morpeth and Sunderland.



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